Gloria Gainor Ministries - Local Testimonies 2007



Lady totally Healed of Cancer by the Power of God!


Pastor Gainor was leaving her home for a meeting, as she and intercessors loaded up their car a Susan Leeks and her husband stop by ministry for immediate prayer. She had just left with a diagnoses from her physician, her test confirmed it was cancer. Pastor Gainor stop and prayed in the middle of the ministry drive way and this lady went out in the spirit under the anointing of God. She and her husband left believing prayer was heard and by Faith she was healed. THREE WEEKS LATER SHE VISITED THE Lighthouse Evangelistic Church with document in her hand, the doctors took more test and ALL the cancer was gone. HALLUJAH TO THE NAME OF JESUS!


God Restored Passion

Myrian Freeman our associate pastor and  psalmist at the Lighthouse Evangelistic Church  asked God to bring passion back for singing. With the power of agreement through prayer she has now cut her first CD! GLORY TO GOD!


Baby Born Full Term

Melissa an Expectant mother diagnosed with gall stones and doctors had ordered surgery before full term of delivery date. Pastor Gainor went to hospital, prayed and the Lord spoke NO SURGERY!  Mother was dismissed from hospital, pain had ceased and doctors cancelled surgery. Mother delivered healthy baby girl Full Term. GLORY TO GOD!


God Gave Miracle to 11yr Old Girl

Monique 11 year old sadden because she received a B on her report card and she is a straight A student. Pastor Gainor prayed for her and when her report card came the next semester she received ALL A’s. Glory to God!


4 Year old Girl Healed by Power of God!

Brianna a 4 year old was diagnosed with wilms tumor: Kidney cancer. By the power of prayer God has healed her, NO Cancer in body, she is now 5years old attending kinder garden. GLORY TO GOD!


David Wright Receives Miracle!

David was diagnosed with cancer  and given short life expectancy. Pastor Gainor went to his home prayed and God Miraculous healed this Cancer from his body. David is now praising God for his healing.  For entire testimony go here and rejoice with him; Glory to God!


Miracles From Full Gospel Luncheons!

As the Power of God filled the atmosphere of October’s Lighthouse Full Gospel Luncheon prayers request went forth. A lady’s sister was diagnosed with cancer, another ladies son was in jail and needed a miracle. The following week report came the sister went cancer went to the dr and blood count had gone from 8 to 2.3 and she was up cleaning her house! GLORY TO GOD! Another call came mother’s son  received money supernaturally and that Sunday was released from jail.  Glory To God!

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