We would love to have you as ourguests, or if you are interested in having Pastor, Evangelistic GloriaGainor as a speaker, then you can reach us in one of the following ways:

The Lighthouse Evangelistic Church
58-B Sequoyah Trail
Cartersville, GA 30120

or by email at gloria@gloriagainor.org .

If you need to contact someone about the TOUCH program, you can send an email to us at touch@gloriagainor.org .

If you would like to volunteer your time or skills, please email us at volunteer@gloriagainor.org

If you would like to be put on our morning prayer list, please email your prayer request to us at prayer@gloriagainor.org .

If you have comments about the website, please email us at webmaster@gloriagainor.org .

To contact our Metropolitan Atlanta Christian Women Support Team, please email us at MAC@gloriagainor.org .

To reach our Youth Pastors, or find out more information about Jeans and Teens, please email us at youth@gloriagainor.org .

DIRECTIONS to the Lighthouse Evangelistic Church from the North (ie Chattanooga), South (ie Atlanta) East (ie Canton) and West (ie ).

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